Auto Insurance

Driving with auto insurance is not only required to drive legally in Pennsylvania, it’s smart. You want a policy with the right level of coverage to keep you protected at the right price. The insurance agents at Greenwald Berk Agency, LLC, represent several different auto insurance companies, so we can shop the best rates for each client. We offer complimentary consultations and quotes for all your auto insurance needs. Contact us today if you live in Wilkes Barre, Kingston, Scranton, or nearby Pennsylvania and want to learn more.

The Basics of Auto Insurance

When you choose an auto insurance policy, you pay a monthly premium to stay covered. If a covered accident occurs, your policy reimburses you for your losses up to your predetermined limits. There are several types of coverage you may want to include in your policy, including:

  • Liability Coverage – Liability insurance is required to drive legally in Pennsylvania and almost every other state. Liability coverage helps cover damages for injuries and/or property damage that others sustain from an accident for which you’re held responsible. While you’re required to carry a minimum level of liability insurance, it’s smart to consider getting higher limits, as medical bills and damages can get very expensive very quickly.
  • Collision Coverage – While liability covers other people, collision covers repairs or replacement when your vehicle is damaged in an accident involving another vehicle. Collision coverage isn’t required, but without it, you could face high repair costs or even total loss of your vehicle after an accident for which you’re found at fault.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Comprehensive coverage protects your property if it is damaged in an incident other than a collision with another vehicle. This could include several types of events such as damage from the weather, from a collision with an animal, from vandalism, or theft.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage – If someone else is responsible for an accident in which your property is damaged, their liability insurance is supposed to pay to reimburse you. If they are uninsured or underinsured, you may have difficulty getting reimbursed for property damage or injury.
  • Medical Payments Coverage – If you or someone else in your vehicle is injured in an accident, your medical costs can be very expensive. Medical payments coverage helps cover the cost of care after an accident, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – Like medical payments coverage, PIP covers costs related to injuries sustained during an auto accident. However, PIP takes this coverage a step further to cover missed wages from work if you have to take time off because of injury, physical and occupational therapy costs, and rehabilitation costs.

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Whatever your auto insurance needs, our team can help you find the right policy to keep you covered. If you live in Wilkes Barre, Kingston, or Scranton, contact Greenwald Berk Agency, LLC, to schedule a free consultation and get a quote today.